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Trailer: Red Band Coolness for THE THING

It seems odd to me that they are calling this THE THING yet it takes place before John Carpenter’s version, don’t you think it should be called BEFORE THE THING or PRE-THING or something like that. Everything you see about this one makes it look like a remake, but it’s not. It appears that they are sticking with the same “morphing” look that Rob Bottin used in the original and it also looks like we might be treated to even more of the fun that Carpenter’s film so wonderfully provided.

Here’s the trailer, let me know what you think:

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  1. I’m sure that the people who actually worked on this film geniunely wanted to make a good movie. I don’t know if I’m going to give into curiousity (last time I did that, I ended up watching the Nightmare on Elm St. remake. Someone please burn that out of my memory). Prequels are an exercise in futility because I know what’s going to happen, and chances are, it won’t provide any useful information, just answers to questions that I don’t recall anyone asking. The norwegians will discovers the block of ice containing the alien creature. It will disguise itself as various members of the crew while they attempt to figure out who’s human and who’s not. Eventually all of the crew members, save two, will die off and you’ll end the film with the last two chasing the creature disguised as a dog. It will basically be John Carpenter’s The Thing, just with the swedes (norwegians!) instead of Americans. To do anything else will screw with Carpenter’s story which is what this movie has forced itself to lead up to. Any and all clever ideas the screenwriters may have had would’ve been scraped, because, again, its not leading towards Carpenter’s movie. So, again, this movie has shot itself in the foot before it even got out the door because its ultimately pointless because the audience knows what’s going to happen before the opening credits even roll.

    So now, the only valid reason I can think of to go see this movie is to see the creature effects. I’m sure they’ll be badass looking, from what I saw, there was some cool stuff going on.

    Honestly, I doubt I’ll see this, for reasons I’ve already mentioned. I know what’s going to happen. Sure the creature effects will be fun, but that won’t save the overwhelming predictability of the film. And don’t tell me it won’t be predictable, it has no choice but to be predictable.


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