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Ron Atkins & Harry Russo prepare us for ‘The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell’

Director Ron Atkins releases his latest and most ambitious film, “The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell” on DVD, August 31, 2011. “The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell” follows the character of Harry Russo (“Schizophreniac” and “Necromaniac”), returning to a plauge-infested Las Vegas for a supernaturally-ordained meeting with Terry Hawkins (“The Last House On Dead-End Street” aka “The Funhouse”). Set in the near future, “The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell” tells a twisted story of discovery and destiny, of madness and mayhem, of cultures and corruption. The film was conceived in 2003 between Ron Atkins and the late Roger Watkins. Upon Watkin’s untimely death, James VanBebber was recruited to essay the role of Hawkins and filming began in late 2007. An uncompromising and unique artist, Ron Atkins is now poised to re-write the rules of the American independent film forever with “The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell“. 

Harry Russo – John Giancaspro
Terry Hawkins – Jim VanBebber
John Wayne Gacy – David Hayes
Jane/Janet – Heidi Martinuzzi
Uncle Joe – Rod Sweitzer
Father – Lawrence Bucher
The Wicked Witch – Marge Hamilton

Directed and Written by Ron Atkins From Atkins Entertainment 2011

To Watch the trailer buy the movie and view more info on the The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell go to


 where Atkins Entertainment is selling the dvd as an exclusive threw their site.

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  1. Can’t wait for this new release! Just love Atkin’s work – always gritty, grimy and often (if your taste runs to sick and twisted) very, very funny. Be warned though, this is not for the faint of heart. Atkin’s has few boundaries and sometimes his films and their content hit you like a smack in the face, although fans of extreme independent cinema however will find a lot to feast on!

    Having already seen John Giancaspro in several of Atkin’s other movies (Giancaspro is pure energy on screen, like a psychotic bodybuilder tripping on acid), I’m really excited to see the chemistry between Giancaspro and Jim VanBebber (another brilliant underground film maker himself – you’ll find a boxset of his work on Amazon.com). The trailer for this and the other two new releases from http://www.cutthroatvideo.com look pure hardcore, my copies are already in the post…. Bring it on!

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