American Gothic (1995–1996) – TV Show Episodes List


American Gothic is a horror/drama/thriller series set in the heart of South Carolina in a small town called Trinity. In this town everything is not as it seems and everyone looks to town sheriff Lucas Buck for help and guidance, often making a devil’s bargain with disastrous results.

Gary Cole ……………. Sheriff Lucas Buck
Lucas Black ………….. Caleb Temple
Paige Turco ………….. Gail Emery
Sarah Paulson ………… Merlyn Temple
Jake Weber …………… Doctor Matt Crower
Brenda Bakke …………. Selena Coombs
John Mese ……………. Billy Peale
Nick Searcy ………….. Ben Healy

01. Pilot (9/22/1995)
02. A Tree Grows In Trinity (9/29/1995)
03. Eye Of The Beholder (10/6/1995)
04. Damned If You Don’t (10/10/1995)
05. Dead To The World (10/13/1995)
06. Meet The Beetles (10/20/1995)
07. Strong Arm Of The Law (11/3/1995)
08. Rebirth (1/3/1996)
09. Resurrector (1/10/1996)
10. Inhumanitas (1/17/1996)
11. The Plague Sower (1/24/1996)
12. Doctor Death Takes A Holiday (1/31/1996)
13. To Hell And Back (7/3/1996)
14. The Beast Within (7/3/1996)
15. Learning To Crawl (7/4/1996)
16. Triangle (7/10/1996)
17. The Buck Stops Here (7/10/1996)
18. Requiem (7/11/1996)
19. Potato Boy
20. Ring of Fire
21. Echo of Your Last Goodbye
22. Strangler

American Gothic (1995–1996) – TV Show Episodes List

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