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Fringe: TV Show – News 01.06.10

Lost Fringe episode “Unearthed”! (UPDATED)

In a mystery worthy of the Fringe Division itself, it seems FOX will be airing a “new” episode of Fringe -before- the scheduled, post-holiday, pre-midseason premiere Jan. 14. And to make it more interesting (and possibly confusing) this episode is … wait for it… a “lost” episode from season one. Which means, oh yes, that the episode will feature… Charlie. Yes, Charlie Francis, played by the awesome Kirk Acevedo! It’s a bafflingly wonderful Christmas miracle! Although, this isn’t the first we’ve seen of this episode before. A promo that was shown after the season one finale has also resurfaced (see below) and it appears to have been culled from this very same episode. But there’s more.

It seems in light of the special circumstances of the episode, titled, “Unearthed”, the powers-that-be at Fox have chosen a special night for the episode. Namely, Mon. Jan. 11 where Fringe will lead-out from the medical-drama “House”. But, according to my trusty TVGUIDE listings this will not affect the scheduled Jan. 14 premier or any of the three subsequent episodes that will culminate with the Winter Finale Feb. 4. After which the show will again be on hiatus until April. Got that?

The plotline of “Unearthed” centers around a teenager who, when taken off life support after an accident, suddenly wakes up screaming in alphanumeric code and has knowledge of classified Russian secrets.

So, not only do we get a “new” episode from season one on Monday Jan 11 we also get the premiere on that same week on its regularly scheduled death-slot. Did I mention Charlie Francis?

Barring any new surprises this is what the schedule of Fringe should look like for the un-foreseeable future. [maniacal laughter]

-Thur. Jan. 7 9:00 PM Fox “Grey Matters” #2.10
-Mon. Jan. 11, 9:00 PM Fox “Unearthed” #2.11*
-Thur. Jan. 14, 9:00 PM Fox “Edina City Limits”
-Thur. Jan. 21. , 9:00 PM Fox “Jacksonville”

*The episode is — apparently –being still billed as 2.11, regardless of its story’s time difference, but that is likely to change in the future (unless Abrams and crew are mind-humping us all and they’ve fancy montaged this episode into rest of season 2 continuity) I wonder how this would work on DVD, that’d be one hell of an extra feature, hmm…

2.11 “Unearthed” Promo

East of “Edina City Limits”

For those curious about the Jan 14 premiere, “Edina City Limits”, the story involves a change of scenery for the team. Walter and co. beak away from their Boston city life and head out to the country. TVGuide says, “A strange attack involving humans with horrible deformities brings the division to an upstate New York hamlet that prefers to keep a portion of its population a well-guarded secret.” Sounds like a few X-files plots mixed together, but I’m sure it will be refreshingly different, as always. Spoilertv and TVovermind have a few pictures from the shoot. Check them out Here.

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