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Fringe: TV Show – News 02.24.09

NYC Con Secrets:
During the apparently very entertaining Fringe panel at the NYC comic con a slew of “Possible Spoilers” including the revelations that the mysterious “William Bell” will appear, that there are multiple “Observers,” as well as their identities and that Peter Bishop’s dodgy past will be made clear by the end of this season. See the embeds below. 

Joshua Jackson on a Lost/Fringe tie-in?!:
The “Fringe” star commented on a possible connection between both J.J. Abrams involved shows by saying, “That’s a question above my pay scale.” When pressed more in the Interview he added,

“It’s not by accident that the name of the second German airline might have had something to do with Lost. I think if you paid attention to the numbers that they bring up on the show, it is possible that you might notice that they are directly dealing with Lost. Again, I don’t get to choose things like that but as a fan of both Lost and my own show, how cool?”

Fringe Sweeps Hiatus:
Sad but true. The next ep is not slated until Tue. Apr. 7 with the episode “Inner Child”. “Fringe” joins pretty much every other show in pulling out the re-runs.

The Fringe codes…

On the Mysterious “William Bell”…

 On the “Observers”…

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