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Fringe: TV Show – News 01.19.09

The good people from Fox (unless you happen to be working at Warner Bros. right now) have offered up a “Lost” style recap of the season up to now. Just in case we’ve been stricken by mass amnesia due to the unbearably long (and awkward) holiday break. IGN has the video or check out the embed below.

Roberto Orci, Fringe co-creator and Transformer part deux scribe has confirmed the presence of “Pretenders” in the Michael Bay helmed sequel. For those not in the know Pretenders are Transformers that hide inside a human-esque shell. They existed in the Cartoon and the Marvel comic and they made for particularly creepy toys. Google images doesn’t lie.

Paramount studios releases a slew of publicity shots from their ’09 slate including Abrams STAR TREK reboot. IGN has the shots.

Tue. Jan. 20 9:01 PM Fox Bound#1.11 
Olivia has been abducted and Broyles hands over the investigation to Mitchell 
Loeb, who happens to be one of her abductors.

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