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Fringe: TV Show – News 01.04.09

The super duo behind Transformers and Fringe are at it gain with the formers upcoming sequel. EMPIRE has the proof.

ACESSHOWBIZ has a duo of previews from episode 1.11 “Bound” the second half of the cliffhanger that left us wondering the fate of the kidnapped Olivia. Check it out.

J.J. TREK (Captain’s Log 481516.2342 supplemental):
Wonder boy J.J. Abrams is ready to put TREK in the can. Firstshowing.net has the word from the J- man himself on the final frontier.

Tue. Jan. 6. 9:01 PM Fox In Which We Meet Mr. Jones#1.7
An agent is found out to be the host to an unknown parasitic creature linker to The Pattern. A must-see Episode of the series with a genuine twist that shows how far The Pattern goes.

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