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Horror Art: Nick Percival


Based in the foggy, gothic, cobblestoned back streets of the United Kingdom, been a professional Illustrator and Animation Director for a good few years.

Having co-founded and run one of the UK largest CGI Animation Studios, I also paint concept and create production artwork for Film & TV, video games and comic books including projects for folks such as Marvel Comics, BOOM! Studios, MTV, Sony, EA, Lucas Arts, Sci-Fi Channel, Activision, 2000AD, Wizards of the Coast, Radical, Upper Deck, Atari, Microsoft and various esteemed film production designers.

Specializing in character and creature design, with a strong leaning towards Horror and the dark urban fantasy genres. Currently writing and painting an original new grim & gritty comic book series, ‘LEGENDS’ to be launched at the San Diego Comic-con Summer 2009 with a hush-hush director already attached for a film version and developing a horror genre CGI animated feature which hopefully (!) I will be directing.and there you have it!


Horror Art: Nick Percival

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