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Horror Art: Armgardt Richtor Rose


I was born in 1984 and grew up near Cleveland, OH. I’ve always had a love for horror and macabre art. Most of my inspiration growing up has always come from my brother, as well as professional artists like MC Escher and HR Giger. I’ve worked with many forms of art over the years including traditional pencil illustration, oil painting, watercolor, digital illustration, 2D animation, video art, and 3D modeling. 

In 2005, I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a BS in Media Arts & Animation. After graduation, I moved near Philadelphia and currently work as Lead Artist creating 3D interactive simulations for pharmaceutical companies. I started Abomination Nursery in November of 2008, where I create horror dolls and décor. The original dolls usually come from second-hand stores and flea markets. I make alterations to the dolls which usually include custom-sculpted pieces, staples, bolts, wires, etc. I sell most of my art through Ebay, but not exclusively. I’m currently trying to create a large stock of dolls to become a vendor at a horror convention.


Horror Art: Armgardt Richtor Rose

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