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‘Black Man on a Rampage’ – A Horror title?

DefTone Pictures Studios, the Buffalo, New York outfit behind the recent zombie feature The Final Night and Day, has unveiled the trailer for its new film, Black Guy on a Rampage, a violent revenge thriller in the vein of Hobo with a Shotgun. Written and directed by Adam Steigert, who co-founded DefTone Pictures Studios with fellow filmmaker Stephanie Andrews, the provocatively titled short film stars Alexander Sloan McBryde as the title character, a man whose quest for vengeance following the murders of his family members takes on mythic proportions.

“This is a nod to the current trend of grindhouse exploitation flicks,” says McBryde. “Before the rage, my character was a good man, a soldier who fought for his country. One act of random violence brings back the blood lust. A parent’s love is the strongest force known to man, and that’s what fuels his rampage. He’s not unstoppable, he can be hurt, but he’ll keep going until he draws his last breath.”

Black Guy on a Rampage takes place in a diner frequented by underworld figures on edge because of the unstoppable killer thinning their ranks when a stranger pays them a visit. Violence and mayhem follow.

DefTone is already planning two sequels, Black Guy on a Rampage: Homicidal Vengeance, currently filming, and Black Guy on a Rampage: Brother with a Tech 9, which will film in October. Steigert plans to release all three films on a single DVD.

DefTone is currently developing a science fiction feature, Ombis, and is in production on the comedy Losing It and post-production on the zombie feature Bitez: The Fever.

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  1. The film will also be released in 3D, a first for the Buffalo area. The 3D Trailer is available on .


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