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You’ve missed me, you’ve REALLY missed me!!

Heya Freaks And Minx!

It’s your ever so absent horror chick here and yes, I know I have been slacking.
What can I say, being a superhero and saving the world from brain slurping ultra zombies can be quite time consuming!…
Ok, yes, I am lying. I have just been crazy doing other things like school, kids, film fests, watching ODDITIES and BRIDEZILLAS, and messing with you all on FB. ;)

But now that I am back on the grind, let’s get down to business!!

Awesome Pic To Start Us Off

Random Dai Thoughts

Have you guys ever noticed that when you are on a long drive, flight, or walk by yourself that randomly odd things seem to pop into your head?! Well I have been on all three lately so I will share with you what goes through my head on times like that. I wrote some of these down just for you. ;)

-The concept of a human centipede could never work long term because eating feces is extremely dangerous due to the gnarly bacterias and lack on nutrition. (E. coli, salmonella, campylobacter, and shigella are bitches) BUT if you can somehow introduce vitamins and minerals, via a IV or feeding tube that is directly introduced into the stomachs of the middle and end part of the ‘pede’, you could prolong the trio’s reign of ‘disgustingness’. Simple, yet important.

-Wouldn’t it be hysterical to be stuffed when you die instead of being buried or cremated?!
Ok, I know what some of you are thinking because I thought long and hard about this one too, but think about it in another way. We take our pets, hunting trophies, random dead cool animals to taxidermists to preserve them in order to be able to keep them around, so why not have the same done to yourself for your loved ones to always have you around?! (Yes, in some states it is legal. It must be spelled out in a will and approved by the courts before you die for it to be allowed.) Hell, when I am dead, I am dead. It doesn’t matter to me what happens to my body as I will no longer be in it. But it WOULD be cool to be the greeter outside of a place like the Mutter Museum 50 years after I died.

-How can people believe in God but not ghosts? Aren’t they the same thing in a way? (DO NOT start religious posts under this column. It’s just something to think about.)

-They should start making bathing suits for men that give them d*ck and/or ball cleavage. How come it is acceptable for the tops of boobs to hang out but not balls? Some people are just too testy… ;)
Seriously, I am fully behind this and support it. It should happen soon.

I know you are all probably wondering why I posted that all…and that is exactly why I posted it!
Gotta keep things random. ;)

Real Life Horrors

You guys really liked the true life crime articles I put up last time so I will continue it in this one.
Here are a few things that have popped up in the news lately that I think you may find interesting and/or should know about.

-Earlier this year a 15 year old boy named Seath Tyler Jackson was murdered in Florida by five people for reportedly being in a “love triangle” with one of the 15 year old defendants and her 18 year old defendant boyfriend.
Seath was lured to the house of Charlie Ely (18) by Eli and ex girlfriend Amber Wright (15) to be killed and was beaten, shot, dismembered, and burned by Wright’s brother Kyle Hooper (16), Justin Soto (20) and Michael Bargo (18).

It was reported that when Seath got to the house, he got into a physical altercation with Bargo (who he had previously beaten up over Wright) and the other two boys by a wooden object. During the altercation, Bargo shot Seath in an attempt to kill him but Seath wasn’t going down so easily. He fought back and as he was about to escape the house, he was held down by one of the other boys as Bargo shot him a few more times.
They picked him up and put him in a bath tub to break his knees to be able to better stuff him into a sleeping bag but little Seath came to and fought more. They shot him again but this time he didn’t survive. They proceeded to stuff him in a bad and threw him into a prelit fire pit in the backyard which they had previously created solely for the purposes of disposing of the teen. After a while they went out and scooped up his remains and hid them in paint buckets. James haven (34), step father to defendants Wright and Hooper, was called and let aware of the situation.
Instead of being an adult and having a bit of moral sense, he forwent calling the police, helped Bargo hide some of the paint containers, helped clean up the crime scene, and then drove Bargo out of town to hide.

Are you sick yet? Well here is more for you.
Because of their ages, Wright and Hooper will escape facing the death penalty, prosecutors have decided not to try charge Ely in a death penalty case, only life, Soto’s fate is still undecided, but Bargo WILL be tried with the death penalty as an option.
Friends and family have set up a Facebook page dedicated to Seath which can be found at .
I have been following this case since it was first reported and will continue to do so until it’s resolution. I will keep you updated.

-Keeping in line with evil little brats…
Andrew Q. Cobb, (18) and Jacob S. Cobb (17) were recently arrested for killing their mother Tamara Lee Mason over……. Yahtzee.
Yes, you read that right. Tamara was spending the Christmas 2010 holiday with her youngest children when she decided she wanted to play Yahtzee. Having enough of this completely cruel torture, these pinnacles of mistreated children killed her, called their older brother Dylan Clemens (25) to help them hide her body, then went on with life as usual. They hid her in a trash can for four months until the ground softened up and moved her to the shed that they eventually buried her under. Clemens must have had a case of the conscience and told police what they had done after a tipster called them about Clemens asking how to dispose of a body. Charges are still pending…

-Are you REALLY ready to hate our judicial system?!
As if the fact that a tiny reasonable doubt was a loop hole for Casey Anthony to walk out of jail with nothing but a conviction for lying to police although the jury did believe she was guilty weren’t enough to make you want to vomit, how about a convicted child molester being able to view his own home-made child p*rn in prison?!

Marc Gilbert (47), who has previously been convicted of child molestation, is now being allowed to watch the child p*rnography that he recorded in which he is seen sexually and physically abusing small boys because he was acting as his own lawyer for the trial. Case law states that defense attorneys must have full access to the evidence that was used against their client, at any given time, that was used to prove guilt. Gilbert had almost 30 hours of footage that showed him raping and beating over 20 teenaged boys. A federal judged ruled that Gilbert was to be allowed access and viewing privileges of the tapes at any given time since he was technically his own lawyer. The decision is currently under appeal…

-This is not crime related but I wanted to say goodbye to a man who has cemented himself in the horror genre.
Mike Hein passed away last weekend in his home at the age of 41. He was a film maker and the creator of the New York City Horror Film Festival.
Mike was instrumental in introducing many Independent horror films that may not have ever had the chance at a public viewing in the city. He was a son, a mentor, and a friend. He will be dearly missed by many. To read more about Mike, please visit

And Now You Have Your Say

You guys come on HNN, reading articles, columns, film reviews, but now I want YOUR opinions on some films!
In the comment section below, tell us what you think of the following films and how strongly you recommend people seeing it or avoiding it.
Make sure you add in your reasoning and in the next edition, I will give you my opinions on them.

-WOLF CREEK (2005)
-DR. GIGGLES (1992)

That’s it for me this week, guys.
Thank you for dropping in and visiting my column!

I am looking for some amazing, outrageous, strange, obscure, and original horror art to profile on my next edition of DOTD! If you have a piece of art, be it paintings, drawings, scultpures, body art, jewlery, etx that you think would be profiled for our HNN followers, send me the link asap!

Thanks so much lovies and I shall talk with you all again SOON!!!


  1. Another interesting column.Kids can be so evil.

  2. I can’t believe the crap kids are up to these days.
    The Seath Jackson case breaks my heart. I am actually very attached to following this one.

  3. wow I really enjoyed reading this, it’s amazing the thoughts that pop into one’s head when u are driving . hahahaha!

  4. The Black Saint

    Always fun to read the rantings of HNN’s resident goddess! It’s amazing what people come up with when our minds wander isn’t it? Good stuff for sure & I’m in the process of creating those bathing suits for men (I’ll cut you in on any profits)! As to the films you mentioned, I thought “insidious” was great & the scariest movie I’ve seen so far this year. And it’s put together so simply. Genius. “The Burning Bed” was pretty strong stuff for it’s time & it proved that Farrah Fawcett can act. I thought “Wolf Creek” was a tad overrated. I understood the idea of getting to know the characters that they were going for, the audience should care about them before they get slaughtered. But I found it pretty boring overall. The “Head On A Stick” bit was great though. “Dr. Giggles” started out well but I thought it devolved after a while & ended up fairly rote. But seeing a kid emerge from a corpse did kick me in the ass when I first saw it. I own “Tokyo Gore Police” because I’m a big fan of arterial sprays all over the place. And all of those Asian “Gore” flicks really pile on the spray. Big time. Peace, Mistress Dai!!

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