Coming soon: ‘Girl Scout Cookies’

Hey there acolytes old & young! I have some news on a upcoming film that sounds like it’s going to be a good one for sure! The stars of the movie (the actual girl scouts) are Monique Dupree (Tha Original Gata), Jessica Cameron, Patricia Dunn, Frances Manzo, and Melanie Robel. “Girl Scout Cookies” (the movie) is an action packed horror film that was written and will be directed by award winning film maker Bobby Jones, about 6 couples that go on a weekend trip to the backwoods of MN for some fun, frolicking and good times.

However, things turn out to not be as they appeared as the camping trip turns into a game of life and death when a group of women with animalistic natures decides to treat the group to the privilege of being their next big hunt.

“Girl Scout Cookies” (the movie) endeavors to change the way you imagine an outdoor camping horror movie. In most horror movies of this type, the women typically involved are running around hysterical crying out to be the next victim. “Girl Scout Cookies” (the movie) completely changes the dynamic and gives you a cast of strong, independent and creative women that will blow the audience away with their capabilities. To that end we are bringing in some of the finest talent that independent film has to offer.

Having such strong female leads like Monique Dupree, Tara Cardinal, Jessica Cameron, Kimberly Ross, Deneen Melody, and Rachel Grubb makes us feel extremely confident that we can bring you exciting, strong, and action capable women that form the core of our principle cast.

We are not content to simply bring you clever kills and cheap scares. This movie is full of action with a smart story and well developed characters with the right amount of humor who you’ll be thinking about long after the final credits roll. This to me, sounds like a sort of “Deiverance” style movie with strong females taking charge & kicking ass. I haven’t seen too many movies that sound like this one & I’m pretty excited about it myself.

The film’s official website can be found here:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just to clarify Jessica Cameron, Monique Dupree, Tara Cardinal, Kimberly Ross, Deneen Melody, and Rachel Grubb are NOT in Girl Scout Cookies.

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