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Charity screening of THE THING at Stratford Picturehouse

A team of scientists in the Arctic are infiltrated by a shape-shifting alien which has the ability to replicate the appearance of the people it kills. This is arguably Carpenter’s most effective film, creating a real sense of claustrophobic paranoia through its isolated location, Ennio Morricone’s iconic score, and the distrust shown among the men as they try to work out who is still human. Shunned by the public on its initial release (soon after E.T. had made aliens cuddly), the film’s success owes much to special effects wizard Rob Bottin’s gruesome creations, which still stand up to scrutiny today, even on the big screen.

Our bar will be transformed into an Antarctic ice station for the evening, and we’ll have special c**ktails and live music from 9pm.

The work we are doing with PLAN:
In 2010, we are aiming to raise nearly £30,000 to bring clean water and sanitation to a community called Bagouma Baba Fari in the Dosso region of Niger.
This project will provide drinking water and training to improve hygiene and sanitation for 310 community members and aims to improve the health of this community, reduce the spread of disease and increase the amount of time children and adults have to dedicate to their education and livelihoods.

Saturday 28 August, 11.00pm
Tickets are £7.50 (£5.00 members) and all proceeds will be donated to PLAN.
Tickets can be booked online at www.picturehouses.co.uk, or on 0871 902 5740

Every member of staff working the shift is donating their own time for the screening.

For information on our other charity events and poster sale over the Bank Holiday weekend, please visit our website at www.picturehouses.co.uk

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