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Trailer: House of Horrors (2009)

Trailer: House of Horrors (2009)

A group of Haunted House employees get trapped inside the “House of Horrors”… Western New York’s largest and most terrifying haunted attraction. Terror ensues as an excommunicated Priest searched for a possessed Ouija Board within the confines of the Haunted House

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  1. Do you guys just re-post everything you find on other websites? This trailer has been out forever, but just because another website posted it this morning, you felt the need to, as well? Try being original.

    • actually yes we are reposting all our trailer archives, so that others can find them rather than going the youtube route. Youtube has a tendency to cancel accounts all lthe time. Though if we control the media, it will always stay live than a dead link to a canceled account. Has nothing to do with being original as we don’t actually “create” trailers – the studios do, but it is accomodating to share with others. If someone reposted a trailer we posted, then good for them. Thats the kind of attittude we like to see.
      We hope to get over 3000 trailers from our archives re-posted in the next year, so keep checking back…..and yep them old ones too!

    • opps – 1 more thing, that date of (2009) if a pretty good indicator that the trailer is 2 years old…..haha


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