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Video game PORTALS 2 comes loaded with new SUPER 8 interactive trailer

I’m no gamer so I could be wrong but to the best of my knowledge this is a first.

The new video game PORTALS 2 is coming out and apparently to those that care about these kind of things, this is extreme awesomeness.

What got my attention is the fact that J.J. Abrams in his infinite wisdom has included what is being called an “interactive trailer” for SUPER 8 on the game. I just check it out and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty freaking awesome.

We get to see things from the inside of that train wreck that we keep seeing in the regular teasers and such. Still no monster, that I can tell anyway. There is a quick flash of something at the very end of the clip, I can’t tell what it is but I’m sure one of you out there will find a way to freeze frame it and let me post it. Until then, I’m saying no monster.

This is a pretty ingenious way of getting the word out about the film in my opinion. The clip below walks you through the screens and shows all the good stuff so click, set back and enjoy.


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