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Humans hunting down and killing other humans for sport is a subject that has titillated the minds of moviegoers for generations. The genres of these films range from thriller to horror and the first and most notable was the classic THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME starring silver screen legends Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong. The movie was based on a short story of the same name by Richard Edward Connell Jr. and remains a classic to this very day.

Now writer James Walker and director Edward Boase are bringing a modern twist to this premise in their movie BLOODED. In BLOODED, an extreme animal rights group captures five people and dumps them in the wilderness to be hunted down like animals. The film stars Nick Ashdon, Neil McDermott and Oliver Boot, and BLOODED is now available to view or download online from iTunes, BlinkBox and LOVEFiLM. The film is also available on dvd.

Hunt for more BLOODED at the film’s official website: http://www.bloodedmovie.com/

“In October 2005, five young people were kidnapped in the Highlands of Scotland. Stripped and abandoned in the wilderness, they were forced into a deadly game where the hunters became the hunted. Their ordeal was filmed by an extreme animal rights group as a warning to others: if you hunt… you’re fair game. Combining dramatic reconstruction and compelling interviews with the survivors, BLOODED finally tells the full story behind one of the most extreme internet virals of modern times.”

Source: http://www.impawards.com

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