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“The Field” writer sells two scripts in the new year

Up and coming screenwriter Sean Wathen made the trades last year for co-writing the Spec Script “The Field” which was optioned to Stone Village Pictures. More recently, Sean Wathen had another screenplay optioned, this time by Lucky Day Studios called “CASE 2317.”

Now, Sean has sold two new scripts, this time to Producer Klaus von Sayn-Wittgenstein (“Bear” and “Wolf Town”). The screenplays are “Psychology of Murder” and “The Lazarus Incident.”

“The Lazarus Incident” – It’s “Cast Away” meets “28 Days Later” when a man washes up on shore of an Island, only to find out it’s now overrun by blood thirsty creatures. He ends up running into the Island’s only “living” person who is a scientist who explains that the island is actually the sight of what they believe is the “Fountain of Youth.” However, in their studies they found the Fountain comes with a curse, turning everyone else on the island into the creatures around them. It’s a low budget, minimal cast type movie that has few locations.

“Psychology of Murder” – William, a college student, is randomly assigned to a freshman roommate, a stranger who calls himself Eddy. They start off as friends but things turn deadly as William begins to suspect that Eddy is a serial killer. “Psychology of Murder” – The impulse is inside us all.

Production is scheduled to begin this fall on both projects with 2012 releases.

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