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FROM DUSK TILL DAWN and a couple other MIRAMAX titles heading to Blu-ray

Great news!

A couple of new Blu-ray titles crossed my desktop this morning and I’m excited for May 3rd to get here.

You may remember a couple of weeks back when I told you about the fact that Echo Bridge Entertainment had teamed up with Miramax to bring some of their catalouge titles to Blu-ray and they are wasting no time to get the first batch out to the fans.

The one that’s got me most excited is the 1996 classic FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. All the vampire meyham should rock in Blu-ray.

Also announced was the Steve Miner directed HALLOWEEN H20, a guilty pleasure for a lot of us. THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS will also come out the same day.

Can’t wait to see FROM DUSK TILL DAWN in hi-def. No word on any special features. One would assume that we would get the original special features at the very least but we should have an official word soon as well as some artwork so keep it here and I’ll get the info in you hands as soon as it’s available.

If the blood, guts and violence isn’t enough of a reason to be excited just remember, we’ll get to see this in Hi-Def. Yeah!

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