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Fringe/Lost Crossover Revealed?

A recent promo has sent Easter egg hounds and Lost fans all abuzz, as it seems to show actor Jorge Garcia (aka Hurley, from Fringe Co-creator and Producer, JJ Abrams, other, more famous show,) having a chat with Fringe’s Walter (John Noble).

Apparently, or it’s assumed, Garcia’s character is a Massive Dynamic employee of some sort. But given Abrams and co’s affinity for Easter eggs I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hurley trying to buy Massive Dynamic (that would be a very Dark Tower-North-Central Positronics-thing to do. Abrams and co are huge Stephen King/Dark Tower fans. I mean come on. Walter? Hmmm….) Anyway, the story originates from a screen grab taken at about 1:14 into the promo below (Hint: don’t blink). But the above photo is courtesy of Fox by way of EW. So, thanks to them both.


As it stands there’s no real reason to think Garcia is playing Hurley. Garcia recently landed a gig on Abrams upcoming series, Alcatraz, so its safe to say this is just a little bit of fun in order to get Losties and Abram fans (Abramophiles? Abramites? Yeesh.) used to the idea of seeing Garcia again and to squeeze out that last little bit of Lost fever.

This isn’t the first reference to Lost in Fringe. In episode 1.09 of Fringe “The Dreamscape”, a familiar looking name shows up on an airline ticket. A few interesting and significant numbers show up as well. Check it, and a few other just-for-fun-Easter Eggs, out below.

And this little Dharma blip, that appears in the opening credits of the motion picture Cloverfield, a movie which features Abrams’ favorite fictitious drink “Slusho” (which also appeared in his show Alias btw).

And finally, another glimpse of Lost’s Oceanic Airlines, in ABC’s short-lived, non-Abrams show, FlashForward. How I miss you…

As always thanks to FringeFiles for the great Fringe screenshots. Tune in to Fringe Fridays 9pm on Fox.

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