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CROCALOCTOPUS takes over Wonder Con Beginning – April 1, 2011

Official Press Release:

Birmingham, Al. February 28, 2011- On April 1st Brian Shirley from GeekTyrant.com will once again unleash his Crocaloctopus, the first time was in t-shirt form and now it’s come back as a comic book and will take over Wonder Con 2011 to an estimated attendance of 40,000 screaming fans.

Brian shares a little about the comic saying, “You can expect 24 full color pages of mutated creature carnage and destruction, a mad scientist watching it all happen and a team of the local police force and a monster hunting legend (think of a very famous macho crocodile wrangler) and some local girls in bikinis who have witnessed the entire event.”

The comic book is being released under the GeekTyrant/AlienBee banner and was written and created by Brian and will come in two versions, one for “All Ages” with cover art by Richard Zerga and Kristi Zerga from Legends of Heroes and Villains and there will be a “Blood Soaked” version for mature readers with cover art by popular genre artist Dennis Willman (Ginger-Stein). All inside artwork for the creature feature comic are by the Zerga team with inks by Noel Serrato and Jason Dube of Scattered Comics Studios handling the settings and placement.

Another cool note to add is, there is an actual cast in the comic book. Genre stars have their likenesses turned into comic book form for the creature feature. The casting includes Scream Queen Brooke Lewis as Uni, Scream Queen Kitsie Duncan as Jazz, actress Heather Dorff as Ham, actress Suki Peters as Suzi, actress Jessica Cameron as Deputy Rox, actor Marv Blauvelt as The Chief, actor Jerry Murdock as Big Daddy “the crocodile wrangler” and GeekTyrant’s very own Joey Paur rounds out the cast as the mad scientist Dr. Venkmanstein.

Pre-ordering has begun for the Crocaloctopus comic book. You can visit www.crocaloctopus.com and hit the Comic Book tab or simply email Brian at brian@crocaloctopus.com. The comic books are only $5.00 for either version, specify which version when ordering.

After the comic book debuts at Wonder Con 2011 it will be available at more festivals and conventions and comic book shops across the country.

“Like I said last year, this is just the beginning, Brian adds. We hope to get more attention with ‘Crocky’ now and hopefully get a movie made with Syfy or The Asylum”

Look for a plush Crocaloctopus later in 2011 or early 2012 and remember you can get your own Crocaloctopus campaign t-shirt for only $15.00. The shirts are available at www.crocaloctopus.com, GeekTyrant.com, AlienBee.biz and FastCustomshirts.com.

Crocaloctopus takes over Wonder Con 2011 from April 1st through April 3rd.

Visit www.crocaloctopus.com

Twitter www.twitter.com/crocaloctopus

Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Crocaloctopus/158342207510044

Visit www.legendsalternateuniverse.com/

Visit www.scatteredcomicsstudios.com/

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