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EXCLUSIVE: Trailer For SMOKE AND MIRRORS – The Story Of Tom Savini


In the world of horror there are few names more recognizable then that of TOM SAVINI.  His FX work on Romero’s Dead films, the FRIDAY the 13th franchise and the slasher genre as a whole has cemented his reputation as the Godfather of gore.  In recent years his acting talent has come to the forefront where he has brought us great characters from films like FROM DUSK TILL DAWN and PLANET TERROR.

The man truly is a living legend and tonight I have for you a trailer for a new documentary that will pry into the life of this fascinating man. The film is called SMOKE AND MIRRORS.  Have a look at what director Jason Baker has come up with.

No release info just yet but as soon as it divulged, I will let you know.

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