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Slime City Massacre – under belt of Shriek Show release


Shriek Show, the horror distribution label of anime specialist Media Blasters, announced they will release Greg Lamberson’s SLIME CITY MASSACRE on DVD on May 10th. The disc is loaded with extras, including a commentary track by Lamberson and co-stars Debbie Rochon and Jennifer Bihl; a feature length documentary, SLIME CITY SURVIVOR; a deleted scene; additional behind the scenes footage and bloopers; a featurette by film composer Mars; a stills gallery and the film’s trailer. SCM will retail for $19.98, and is available for pre-order now.

“Shriek Show is a great label for us,” says Lamberson, who wrote and directed the sequel to his 1988 cult film SLIME CITY in Buffalo, New York. “They distributed Frank Henenlotter’s BAD BIOLOGY and they just acquired Herschell Gordon Lewis’s new film THE UH-OH SHOW. They understand cult films, and it’s great to be in such iconic company.”

SLIME CITY MASSACRE is set in the ruins of New York City seven years after a dirty bomb wipes out the metropolis. The United States has invaded Canada for oil, and an army deserter (horror author Kealan Patrick Burke) and his draft dodger girlfriend (Jennifer Bihl) seek refuge in the ashen cityscape, where they encounter a pair of hardened survivors (Debbie Rochon, Lee Perkins). The quartet discovers a supply of “Zachary Devon’s Home Brewed Elixir” and “Himalayan Yogurt,” and before you know it they transform into multi-colored, murderous “slime heads” who prey on the denizens of Slime City. In a parallel story, flashbacks dramatize how and why Zachary Devon and his Coven of Flesh committed suicide with the intention of possessing future generations. Original SLIME CITY stars Robert Sabin, Mary Bogle, Dick Biel, and T.J. Merrick are joined by “newcomers” Roy Frumkes and Lloyd Kaufman.

“This filmed is aimed at anyone who loves the 1980s horror sleaze films like SLIME CITY, BASKET CASE, STREET TRASH, and THE TOXIC AVENGER,” says Lamberson, “and there are references to those films. But even though SCM has the 80s vibe in its DNA, it’s not ‘retro’ – it’s something new, and I think horror fans are going to have a lot of fun with it. We’ll know soon enough!”

Greg Lamberson’s website – www.slimeguy.com

Pre-order SCM – http://www.rightstuf.com/1-800-338-6827/catalogmgr/TqqisC0REfOmvIRdxU/browse/item/91111/4/0/0

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