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List: Top 10 Horror Inspired Mashups

The popular thing to do these days is a little something called a “mash-up”. The popularity has risen thanks to the pulp-culture phenomenon known as “Show Choir”. With music it is easy. With movies? Not so much. But it can be funny as hell. And we here at HorrorNews love lists! So I present to you the horror movie mash-up! This is a top 10 list of movies, including at least one horror, that would mash-up with another movie or TV show with hopefully funny results!

10. Leprechaun 6: All in the Family– Gold is his vice and when little fingers steal what’s his he has to get it back no matter what but even he is tested when thrown into the turmoil on the Roloff farm. But, as the Leprechaun says, “I want me gold!”.

9. Halloween III: Digging Terror– Rob Zombie is back with a brand new vision! In this prequel Michael Myers, after killing his sister, was adopted by the Duggars. The question is: how many months can Michael pick off the family before the parents realize any are missing?

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street : New Terror
– Freddy awakens from his nightmarish slumber to find himself inhabiting the body of a Nav’i native. His nightmare is only beginning as his powers are reduced to stepping on daisies.

7. The Silence of the Hobbits
– Hobbits are plump and ripe for the picking as Hannibal disguises himself as a Hobbit in order to go on a quest the size of a super-mega buffet!

6. Friday the 13th Part XI – Crystal Lake Killers
–What does a hockey team from Anaheim, CA do when their franchise goes bankrupt? Find a new pond to quack in! Unfortunately that new pond is Crystal Lake and its current resident does not play well with others when he’s misidentified as the new player from Quebec.

5. Rush Hour of the Dead
– Romero is back with another installment of his “Dead” series! The shambling, brain-eating Zombies meet their match as Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker kick into action!

4. The Thing II: Goondock Saints
– John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, frozen in ice from Antarctica, is found and shipped to a museum in Astoria, OR. Terror ensues as the Goonies are all grown up and part of a hardened gang befriends the Thing on a search for buried treasure.

3. PSYCHO Train
– Norman loves his mother; Owen wants his dead. When these two meet by chance Owen bites off more than he can chew because Norman will protect his mother to death.

2. The Great Pumpkinhead Charlie Brown
– Charles is sad sod who believes more in mystery than in real life. When he stumbled across a weird burial ground in a pumpkin patch he thinks he finally has located the Great Pumpkin! Lucy, torturing Charles for years, goes too far and Charles vows revenge and an accidental blood pact is formed and the Great Pumpkin resurrects.

1. Blade IV: Setting Sun
– Blade, tired of the city life, moves to the great Northwest to find himself in the company of more Daywalkers! Pleased for a time he soon realizes that glittering, EMO stalker Vampires are much worse than the previous enemies he has faced! Only time will tell if Blade can overcome the sausage fest and hair gel.

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