From the Nightshift: Horror News updates – 11.04.2008

Some News from the Insomniac:

Those crazy guys from Low Budget Pictures are filming a revenge movie in the wilds of Rochester New York. The Insomniac and Ms Nikki were almost involved in the production, but they moved and didn’t leave us forwarding addresses. Story of our lives. The production seems to be the story of a gang of women raping and killing every poor man they cross. Some guys are just lucky I guess.

Defttone Picture Studios and Zombified Studios are in preproduction for the sequel to there Zombie epic “Bitez” with “Bitez2: the Bitten”. Prepare for more Zombie violence as the few survivors try to get out of town and the Zombies that still love them.

Zombified Studios are also currently involved in doing the makeup effects for “It’s in the Back.” The classic story of mobsters versus monsters. I am going out on a limb and voting for the monsters.

Buffalo Nickel Productions and Nightmare Kinetics is having a sneak peek of their newest movie “Something Dark” on November 22, for more information go to their myspace. The movie is in the spirit of the horror anthologies made20in the 70s. I just hope the hairstyles have changed; now those were scary!

Buffalo Nickel Productions and Nightmare Kinetics is also in preproduction for their Zombie epic “Decayed”. 4 out of 5 dead dentists say that Zombies need to brush twice after every victim.

Sadly no one has cake.

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