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Magazine Review: Morpheus Tales Magazine – Issue 11

The newest issue of Morpheus Tales arrived in my mail box last week. Once I opened the envelope and saw the cover art I had a feeling I was in for something special. I wasn’t wrong.

Morpheus Tales #11 is a great collection of short fiction and artwork. Out of the ten stories there was only one that I really didn’t enjoy, personal taste. It seemed a bit out of place in the context of the other nine stories.

That being said the other nine were fabulous. The highlights for me were the opening story Other Years, The Missing and Dead Baby Bounce. These three stories just seemed to stick with me well after I finished them.

Morpheus Tales continues to publish cutting edge horror fiction and artwork. If you are a fan of short horror fiction you really need to head on over to their website and subscribe to a magazine that gets it right.

Other Years by Gary Budgen
Illustrated by Mark Pexton

The Missing by Alex Davis
Illustrated by Mark Anthony Crittenden

Home Time by James Everington

Dead Baby Bounce by R.K. Gemienhardt
Illustrated by Randall Wall aka Maddrandall

The Red Mercury by Dean M. Drinkel

Fight or Flight by A. Reader

The Magnificent Maggot-Face by N.J. Buchanan
Illustrated by Vladmir Petkovic

Daniels Calling by Michael W. Garze
Illustrated by Candra Hope

Bramblevines by Sanford Allen
Illustrated by Ian Welsh

Kusozo by Gene Hines

Cover by Thorsten Paulinsky

Morpheus Tales #11

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