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Zombies, Worms, And Other Ways To Start An Awesome Column!

Hello my Freaks and Minx!!!

It’s has been a while since I have done this so please excuse me if I am rusty for these first few column editions. I will get back into the swing of things, I promise. I do have to say it is so awesome to have you guys back with me on a regular basis and not just through FB! Did you miss me as much as I have missed you?? Of course you did. ;) But let’s stop the ass grabbing and get down to business.

This column is mostly going to be about what you guys think and feel about the wonder world that we dwell in called THE HORROR GENRE. Your thoughts and opinions will be posted here as well as a bit of commentary provided by me. ALSO, I will be keeping you guys up on different random things like I always do and give you some pretty awesome things to keep you smiling throughout the week. So bookmark HORRORNEWS.NET and make sure to keep checking back!


Photo courtesy of Lee Hartnup

One of the new features I will have on this column will be asking you guys questions on  my Facebook Page and picking some of the best answers to post here for all to see! Join up and get into the conversation and reap your 15 seconds of horror fame! :)

This weeks question and best answers were (In order of which they were posted):


Steve Finley Don’t fall down!!

Lenny Kenneth Wellman No matter how close of a friend never hesitate to trip him/her when the undead are chasing you. It will allow you extra time to get away.

Kingu Ghidorah Is sex with zombie considered necrophiliac?

Mike Bartley I think Walking Dead had a great idea. Chop up a zombie and smear the guts and sh*t all over you because zombies go by smell. If you smell dead they dont f*ck with you. But you have to smear yourself in dead people goo.

Ormsby Host Eat humans.

Antonio San Miguel If I could survive killin’ taliban and iraqis, zombies’re no problem.

Lucinda Drake Can’t deal with this right now, still hung up on whether they poop or not :0

Alan Easterling I’m going to get Lemmy and Keith Richards to bite the zombies.

Daniel P Kenny Stay out of Cemetaries. They allways seem to pop up and try to grab
you when you least expect it.

Marcus Koch Resort to cannibalism

Miss.Gory Rae NOT depending solely on Mel Brooks books or Flashcards.

Kevin Logan Don’t save up on your own canned goods or water….there will be plenty of water once you hunt and cannibalize everyone else who has saved up food and water.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Remember, get into the conversations and add your two cents! Check out my page to see the full list of answers.


As part of my travels through the internet is dedicated to looking at new and disgusting things to freak out my co-hosts on The Gash and Podcast From Hell, I find new and grotesque things all the time so I figured I should share some with all of you!

Below is the WORM MAN! This is a natural thing that happens to all human remains when left out to the elements to do with as they will. (Perfect reason to NOT want to be murdered and have your remains chilling on the side of the road or some other area open to insect infestations… like you needed another one)

Who’s hungry?!

Courtest of Rotten.com


How developed is your palate for music?!

In this section of my blog I will be displaying a song that I think you will enjoy and check out.

Some of these will be old, some will be new, but ALL will kick the sh*t out of your Grandmother’s music!

My first choice is by the band DAYGLOW ABORTIONS. Gotta love a band that has your name in the title (just different spelling)

I have played this song on The Gash before and want you to check it out here. Trust me, you will find yourself sitting on the toilet while singing this song in no time.



Alrighty my loves! This is going to conclude this edition of DAI OF THE DEAD!

Special thanks to George Smith who helped me name this column, you rock!

If you have any suggestions as to what you would like me to include, PLEASE feel free to email me at

Dai@HorrorNews.net !!

I want to hear all your suggestions and input. I will be adding a lot of different sections to this as it goes on and alternate some from time to time so be on the look out for those.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me for a bit and I look forward to many more of these. Make sure to check out the links below for more Dai and have a killer week!


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  1. I’m loving the zombie look Dai.

  2. Hah!!!
    Love it Dai!!!
    Awesome column!!!

  3. Nita the Mexican

    WHAT? You didn’t mention that you will be Queen of the Zombies? Tsk Tsk..Love the new column:)

  4. Thanks George! :D

    Nita, everyone knows I would be the Queen Zed! I’m already starting to collect the baby limbs as we speak! hahaha

  5. dai green by far is the hotttttttter going and soon to be going to super nuke . she makes my day


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