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New comic from Scattered Comics Studios available NOW- Halloween!

After years of drawing and creating horror comics for other writers and comic book publishers, Scattered Comics Studios artist Arianna Sherman releases her first horror comic book entitled “Thriller”.

“Thriller” is the story of Noel’ a young vampire who is pledged to wed her step brother, she makes the decision to run away from the only life she knows and try to make a new life as a normal human teen-aged girl; Noel will not be alone in her journey she is joined by her zombie Shaman and Guardian Marak.

On her journey; Noel is hit by a car driven by drunken high school kids coming home from a party; in the accident Noel lies dying in the road her only option is to drink the blood of one of the passengers; afterward Noel wipes the kids minds of what has happened.

Noel continues her journey into the life of being human and enrolls into the local High School where she confronted by Jake Garth one of the kids in the accident; he reveals to Noel that he remembers what happened that night and if she does not do what he asks he will reveal her secret to the world.

This Arianna’s first “horror” comic book, but fans may also recognize her work on San Fransisco Horror Hostess Miss Misery a.k.a Reyna Young’s “Miss Misery’s A Haunting Desire” and the upcoming web comic “Miss Massacre“.

“Thriller” will be available on Halloween at Comixpress and will be published by Jason Dube’s Scattered Comics. This will be Arianna’s 2nd published comic book to be released by Scattered Comics. The first being Yuki Mari Sushi, a comedy tale about a cat girl, but this will be the very first Scattered published comic that is intended for Mature Readers. Be sure to check it out Halloween Night!

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