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Top 10 List of Scariest Casino Games

Casino game manufacturers have been improving graphics and characters in their video games for years. Games in land-based casinos can be enhanced with vibrating chairs, loud sound effects, and extravagant bonus rounds. Online casino games can be a little tougher because of the limited viewing capabilities. Even so, developers have been able to mix frightening characters and the element of surprise into may games played online and offline.

  1. Blood Suckers

The online video slot from Net Ent has everything a player wants in a vampire-themed game, and it is geared toward fans of old-school vampires. With everything from garlic to crosses and bloody avatars, the game is geared toward the dark side. Watch out for the flashing bat eyes and eerie noises.

  1. Immortal Romance

This Microgaming video slot is geared more toward the younger generation of vampire fans that hail from the Twilight era. The characters all seem to be thinking bloody thoughts, and the background music lends to the overall eeriness.

  1. Day of the Dead

While this game may not be scary for those who grew up with some reverence for the Day of the Dead, the game is spooky for most players. Skeletons dressed in party clothes and dancing do give the game a lighter touch, but the music and bonus round noises add scary elements to its overall feel.

  1. Creature from the Black Lagoon

Older horror movie fans will recognize the creature from the original black-and-white film, but newer fans will be intimidated by the ghoulish creature that emerges from the depths of the lagoon to capture the innocent woman. Beware of the bonus rounds when the monster comes to life, complete with intense graphics and fun ways to ward off the slimy creature.

  1. Zombies

Another new online slot favorite is Zombies, aptly named for its theme of some of the scariest looking zombies on screen. Spin for weapons, eyeballs, and brains to rack up the points and special zombie congratulations and noises. Bloody faces grace the computer or mobile device screen and welcome players to the world of zombies, everyone’s new favorite nightmarish creatures.

  1. Under the Bed

Betsoft produces Under the Bed, a play on children’s fears of what may be alive under their beds. While the game is for adults, it plays to those old fears that may persist long into adulthood. The original creatures, all with varying numbers of eyeballs, are just scary enough to make the game interesting and fun at the same time.

  1. Diablo

There are now more than a dozen versions of the Diablo game in various online casinos, each scarier as the series has progressed through the years. Diablo 13 is extremely dark, the slot characters are fiery and ghoulish, and even the black cats seem to glare at the players through the screen. Whether played live in a casino or online, Diablo is one of the darker games available, best played in the middle of the night in a quiet setting to get the full effects of the sounds.

  1. Reel Fear

There has to be a game that plays on everyone’s darkest fears. Reel Fear does just that, complete with bloody bunnies, bugs, eyeballs and other body parts, and spooky doctors and nurses. Beware of getting too many hanging dead people, but beg for the bunnies to take you to an even spookier scenario for the bonus round. But it’s best to embrace all fears to get the most from the spins.

  1. Lost Vegas

This online casino game is entertaining, as players can choose to play as human survivors or zombies. The latter is more fun, of course, as characters ranging from Elvis to show girls emerge as scary zombies. Even the couple getting married in Vegas turns into a bloody duo from a bad movie. The characters and bonus rounds are quite fun, as players are always surprised by the new and changing faces that appear.

  1. Scary Rich

Most online casinos now offer Scary Rich 3, but any in the series are fun to play. The unknowing characters are hilariously drawn, and other avatars in the game include everything from skulls to bloody machetes. Players must find the right combination of slot reels to get to the scarier screens, but it’s all in the name of getting rich. Who wouldn’t spin for that?

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