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8 Years on from One of the Goriest Scenes in Saw VI

When the first Saw movie was released, it was shocking. Different. Unusual. Eerie. The praise it garnered for its take on the horror genre was deserved, mixing together an interesting plot along with more gory stunts than you could ever hope for.

The first film was the beginning of one of the longest-running franchises in the history of horror movies. The Saw movies all sought to outdo one another with their stunts. Some were more successful than others in their quest, but one in particular stands out from the later films: the Russian Roulette scene from Saw VI. For this reason alone, it’s worth taking a look at the sixth installment of the franchise, nearly eight years after its initial release.

The Film Itself

Saw VI was the victim of a public who were growing tired of the franchise as a whole. By the time of its release in 2009, there’d been five movies, countless stunts, endless gore, and the series was winding down. This was reflected in the financial take of Saw VI, which was the lowest of any film under the Saw umbrella. However, given the shoestring budget, it still managed to generate a profit, and there would be another movie to follow, as well as the upcoming related movie Jigsaw.

So what of Saw VI? The plotline is convoluted. There’s no doubt that material to link the infamous Jigsaw to the movies was becoming tenuous, given that this was now the third movie after his (alleged) death. The baton of gamesmaster had been passed on to Mark Hoffman, Jigsaw’s protégée. Though there is a certain intrigue in the monosyllabic Hoffman, there’s no doubting that he’s not the compelling protagonist of Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw.

That Scene 

The most famous scene of all is the Russian Roulette sequence, where an insurance boss is forced to choose which four of his six employees will die. There’s no doubt that this makes an impression, making anyone who watches the stunt think about what their boss might do in a similar situation. Good horror storytelling needs this connection to reality, and the Russian Roulette of Saw VI manages to bring that forth. Any worker watching it silently sends thanks to the universe that they can play mobile roulette from onlineroulette.org.uk rather than having to be subjected to the whims of their boss.

As notable as the stunt is, it is the only real standout in the film — a poor return, given the Saw franchise’s general penchant for creating memorable moments.

So Should You Re-watch Saw VI? 

With its anniversary approaching — October 23rd — now might be a good time to consider re-watching Saw VI.

For the most part, the movie is worth watching. The acting is wooden at times, but that’s always a risk with horror films. Direction comes from Kevin Greutert and is slick and professional, helping to compensate for the actors’ weaknesses.

Overall, the film is worth the 6/10 awarded to it on IMDB. If you do decide to watch, it’s best to indulge in a full re-watch of the entire series rather than just this movie itself. It’s okay, but given Saw’s lineage, okay isn’t quite enough to justify it as a solo re-watch on its own merits.

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