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The Space Between Us: The Movie

Warning, The Space Between Us movie is a very touching flick. NO, really this is that type of movie that will have you in tears. Not once, but several times throughout the movie. The movie takes you that place of emotional fragility that is very dangerous. Especially when in the presence of that person who is not supposed to see you crying. Like a spouse or your little kids who think you are stronger than the Incredible Hulk.

The movie is based on an unusual teenage romance. What makes the romance unusual is that it is between a girl based on Earth and Boy who was born and raised on Mars. Yes, the planet. Long distance relationships are not weird. However, what is weird is that the two love birds know absolutely nothing about each other’s home planet. They run away together to find the first baby from Mars’ father. What follows is a very engaging sequence of events. Did you know that you can now get exciting game on online casinos such as casino-mate online casino. From the start of the movie there are moments that will make you want to cry. Therefore, you will need to be on your guard from the start of the movie. Several other scenes in the movie are equally tear jerking.

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