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What is in Store for Horror Fans in 2017?

There is no doubt that the genre of horror, scary films, and slashers has had something of a resurrection (excuse the pun) in recent years. From the popularity of vampires and zombies, to the increased fascination with psychological thrillers and suspenseful dramas, this genre is showing no sign of slowing down!

When it comes to horror-fans looking for their next fang-tastic horror-fix, there are plenty of options – from films, cartoons, TV series, documentaries, and of course dozens of horror-themed slot games available. Slot games are one of the wildcards, as they aren’t something you would traditionally associated with horror-themed entertainment, but they are very real, very fun, and with very big prizes. If you are looking for some thrills, and aren’t too scared of ghosties and ghouls, then the full range of vampire, werewolf, and spirit related slots and reels is sure to keep you occupied!

When it comes to films, there was a bit of a slow start to the year, but we can expect to see this pick up towards Halloween time. So, let’s get a roundup of what we have seen so far, and what is yet to come in 2017! Read on to find out more.


Released on January 20th, the first horror film of the year stars James McAvoy as a really creepy kidnapper with more than a few personality disorders. Him and his multiple personalities take hostage of three high school girls and all havoc breaks loose.


The third film in the notorious series that brought us The Ring and The Ring Two  was released in February, but unfortunately this doesn’t pack much of a punch. We loved the first film, with its spinetingling suspense, and iconic protagonist, but by now, we feel that the story of a cursed videotape has run its course.


March saw the release of a French-language spectacular focusing on the story of a vegetarian college student who begins to develop a taste for human flesh. It is so graphic and disturbing that during a showing at The Focus World, multiple audience members passed out from the shock!

Amityville: The Awakening

Coming up soon is the release of the 14th (yes really) installment of the Amityville series. Staring Bella Thorne and Jennifer Jason Lee, it tells the tale of a young lady who goes to live in a new house with her mother, and younger brother who is in a coma. Trouble starts when the younger brother makes an amazing recovery at the same time as lots of other peculiar things start to happen.

Annabelle: Creation

In August, we can look forward to the release of a sequel to the 2014 hit. A spinoff of the ever-popular Conjuring franchise, the story revolves around the story of Annabelles creators and the strange and terrifying things that start to happen after she is created.

It is one of the most terrifying and villainous characters of the last decade. A demonic clown, prone to killing as he pleases, is back to take over our screens and haunt our nightmares. The first in a two-part adaptation, it focuses on It as he wreaks his revenge on the grownups that he once tormented as children.

Friday the 13th

Now it wouldn’t be Halloween time without a bit of Friday the 13th! An incredibly successful and iconic film has been given a new lease of life, seeing its mass-murdering, hockey mask-wearing, maniac Jason Voorhees back on the loose. Whilst it is a remake of the previous film, it is expected to answer a few pertinent questions, such as why Mr Voorhees, cannot be killed.

Insidious 4

The Insidious films have gained something of a cult following, so fans will be glad to know that a fourth installment is scheduled just before Halloween. Whilst not much is known about the plot at this stage, it is hinted that it will continue to tell the tale of the medium who uses her powers to contact the dead.

Saw: The Legacy

Whilst we talk of cult movies, no list would be complete without mentioning Saw the ever popular, and never ending franchise, including video games, from Lionsgate. With new characters, a new plot line and a soundtrack from NIN artist Charlie Clouser, it is set to be a good one. Look out for it on the 27th October.

He’s Out There

Last, but not least and just in time for Christmas is the story of a family on holiday who stumble into the domain of a crazed psychopath. Following the well-trod path of nutcase hide and seek- it is being eagerly anticipated in horror movie lover circles.

All in all, it is looking like a great year with lots of hotly anticipated films scheduled for release. From psychological thrillers to slashers and supernatural tales, Hollywood has got it covered. If however, you are a bit of a wuss, or are perhaps looking for a chance to win some prizes as well as enjoying your favourite genre, perhaps you would be better sticking to horror themed slots!

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