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Zombie Fans Will Love the Walking Dead II Slot

One of the best aspects of wandering into a casino is that thanks to a range of fully themed slot machines on offer in all such venues, you are going to be able to play a slot that suits your own personal tastes by simply selecting a slot you like the look and theme of.

However, as the Walking Dead is currently one of the most watched TV shows in cable history, there is a very good chance if you are a fan of zombie related films and TV shows you will be a fan of that show, and if so then you will find a brand new slot from Aristocrat completely themed around it.

That slot is the Walking Dead II slot, which as the name suggests is the second slot in the series, however with some amazing graphics, clips from the show being shown on the slot games screen as you play it and also stunning sound effects you will be totally enveloped when playing it, and it is not unheard of for players to start screaming as they are playing it!

The basic playing structure of this slot however is designed in such a way that it is a penny slot but a penny slot on which you have to wager at least 75 coins per spin or an increment of 75 coins up to a maximum of 375 coins per spin, as the pay lines are fixed lines.

The highest paying reel symbols are the Walking Dead Michonne character symbols, however with a set of wild symbols and wild multiplier symbols you could spin in a series of winning combinations on which those symbols can help you boost winning payouts by up to 25 times their pay table listed payout amounts!

There are also progressive jackpots waiting to be won when you play this slot and you can also trigger free spins bonus games and also be awarded with random features, such as the Zombie Horde feature on which any or all of the reels could be filled with wild symbols.

Whilst this slot is currently not available to online or mobile slot players, we do feel it won’t be very long before it is, however in the meantime you are going to find plenty of casino styled slots boasting all manner of different themes and it will be worth paying a visit to bonus.org.uk to see just which bonus offers are available to you to play such slots online!

As many slots that do come with horror related themes will be themed around TV shows and movies you may have seen before, be aware that you are going to come across plenty of slots which are not, and currently there are hundreds of different such slot games on offer to you, so you will have a ball putting as many of them through their paces as you can do!

There has been no official confirmation of a Walking Dead III slot, but as the Walking Dead II slot was based around the series which had The Governor running riot in it as such whilst this slot machine is fairly new many of the characters you will find on the reels as reel symbols have long been dead on the show!

Due to the sheer size of the cabinet that the Walking Dead II slot game is housed in and the loud sound effects that will be playing out as players spin the reels and play off the bonus games, one thing you are never going to do is miss this slot if you are ever in a casino that has it on its gaming floor, however you will usually hear it long before you see it!

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