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Fringe: TV Show News update 08.5.10

Comic- Con 2010

It’s that time of the year where the main-stream medis gets a glimpse at geeekdom in all its cos-play glory! Yes, it’s time for Comic-Con 2010. And like all other things awesome Fringe maintained a strong presence. A few videos are starting to float out, some from the panel others interviews from the convention floor. We’ll keep you posted. Fox has just put out their own con footage with comments from the entire panel. Enjoy.

Fox Comic-Con Footage

Comic-Con 2010 Fringe Panel Part 1

Part 2

The Many Dimensions of Walter Bishop

Fox has released a new video on the ever-loveable Walter (despite his apparent habit of experimenting on children). Expect more Character background videos to trickle out as Comic-Con wraps up and the fall season begins! For now, let’s enjoy a little time learning about our pal, Walter.

Tales From The Fringe

DC/Wildstorm have an all-new series from inside the Fringe Universe, Tales from the Fringe. The first issue went on sale June 23 and is expected to run through Oct-Nov. Here’s what the official Wildstorm release has to say:

Introducing an all-new 6-issue miniseries featuring tales set in the world of the hit TV series! In the first story, Peter Bishop is forced to choose between doing the right thing – saving a troubled young man pressed into service as a suicide bomber – or scoring a dream job. In the second story, a high school girl finds herself inexplicably transformed into an adult. Even more shocking, she also discovers she’s an assassin!

32pg. Color $3.99 US 

Check out four more of the six covers below and download a free preview from DC Comics Here.

The Next Chapter

Fringe writer-director Akiva Goldsman and stars John Noble, Leonard Nimoy, Lance Redd*ck, and Jasika Nicole discuss the season 2 finale, “Over There, Part 2” and what the future might hold for season 3.

Season 2 Pre-order? Why wait?

I think most of us would agree that despite some slow patches and a rocky production start, one that involved the loss of much loved fan-favorite character “Agent Charlie Francis” played by Kirk Acevedo, Season 2 definitely improved over the first. Primarily, I think, by the writer’s embracing of the alternate universe stories which comprise the show’s true “mythology”. They’re definitely not trying to stretch this out over say, six years. *cough* Lost *cough* But then again you never know what Abrams and co. are cooking up. Down to business.

Any readers in the UK area (Region 2) you have a firm release set for Sep 27, 2010 followed by Region 4 on Oct 27, 2010. Unfortunately, us here in Region 1 as well as Region’s 3 and 5 fall into the unknown category for now, but all word is it’ll likely be around the same time (Sep-Oct).

For those of us itching for our copy there are several options available. Us old-fashioned types, we can pre-order the complete season at Amazon. The DVD set will run you $38.99 and all you Blu-ray fans you can order yours for $48.99.

But that’s not all, for all those who demand instant gratification you can watch the complete Season “with one click” for only $34.99 using Amazon’s “video on demand” feature. If that’s too much of a commitment for you you can buy and instantly download your favorite episode (or just that episode you missed because you’re cable box crapped out) for only $1.99 an episode.

Not too bad, although I think I’m in an increasingly small minority of people who prefer not to watch movies on computer screens. It’s just a personal thing. I become very aware that I’m watching something not in its intended format. I don’t know — it’s just a thing. I’m a collector. Give me packaging. Give me booklets and inserts, give me art, dammit! It looks good on my bookshelf. For those like me, and I hope I’m not alone, we’ll have to wait a while longer. 

The Observer and The Colonel

In the season 2 finale “Over there, Part 2” the Observer (or at least his best stand-in?) makes an appearance in line for some of the colonels delicious blend of eleven herbs and spices, or maybe a double-down? Can you even get jalapenos a KFC? Hot sauce? Hmmm…

The Sam Weiss Code

The evidence is racking up against Fringe’s resident Zen-master and bowling alley clerk Sam Weiss. It seems that several clues (including an in show easter-egg and the deciphering of one of Fringe’s trademarked “glyphs” that apparently mentions Olivia’s mentor by name) seem to be indicators that his past and future may be more interesting than first thought.

All you eagle-eyed and easter-egg loving fans undoubtedly devoured every bit of background scenery when the team was “on the other side”. If so, then you certainly noticed the peculiar phrase seen in William Bell’s Harvard lab that reads “A Demon’s Twist Rusts”. Well, fellow Fringe fanatics FringeTelevision.com report that the phrase is actually an anagram for “Don’t trust Sam Weiss”.

Not only that, but the aforementioned “glyphs” that are shown before commercial breaks in each episode, apparently spelled out Weiss’s name during the finale (see below).

The discovery of the glyph and the easter-egg anagram, have called in to question the motivations of Olivia’s seemingly friendly mentor, and any of his accomplices. Wikipedia describe the character thusly…

“Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) is an acquaintance of Nina Sharp. He helps Olivia regain her ability to walk, and begins to establish a friendship with her. He operates a bowling alley, and his rehabilitation efforts with Olivia initially involve her practicing the sport.”
Since he was recommended by Nina what could that mean for Nina’s intentions? The writer’s have definitely toned down Nina’s sneakiness, which was fairly prevalent in the opening few episodes of Season 1. If Nina is untrustworthy what implications could that have for Broyles? He and Nina seem to have a strong connection as evidenced by their secret kiss in episode “A New Day In The Old Town”. The show-runners clearly have no problem replacing characters with “alternates.” Who knows if Charlie was the first? We know after the finale he wasn’t the last.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Season 2 finale, “Over there, Part 2” has apparently left us with the final acting performance of the great Leonard Nimoy, who appeared as the mysterious character “William Bell”. Bell, often thought to be the shows primary antagonist, selflessly sacrificed himself in order to aid our heroes in their return to “our side”. FOX has a video of Mr. Nimoy talking about his final role.

CraveOnline recently got a chance to interview Nimoy, he shares some moments about his final acting performance and his future plans with Fringe and beyond
Q: Will you appear on the next season of “Fringe”?

Leonard Nimoy: No, I don’t expect to be on next season. I have announced my retirement. I will not be doing anymore television or movie acting or directing. I can tell you that I feel very fulfilled with the work that was given to me to do in this final episode, coming up next week. I admire all of the people on this show: Anna Torv, Josh Jackson, and John Noble, and all the rest. I had some wonderful scenes to play with John Noble who I think is a wonderful actor. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to seeing it edited. I have not seen the edited version, but the work that we did on the soundstage and on the streets of Vancouver felt really creative and productive. I’m happy that I did it. 
Q: What do you believe is the most interesting thing about William Bell’s character? 

Leonard Nimoy: I think it’s the fact that he’s disarmingly unpredictable. He keeps saying, “Trust me,” but then you’re not quite sure if you should. That is probably the most interesting thing about him. He’s obviously a man of great intelligence and a powerful figure, but most intriguing is what his intentions are. What is his agenda? What is he really after? What’s he trying to accomplish? We’ll find out more about that next Thursday.
Q: What aspects of William Bell’s character have you found the most intriguing over the course of the season?
Leonard Nimoy: Well, there’s always been the questions of what are his intentions. The writers have done a very good job of keeping the answer to that rather obscure. I’ve tried to make him disarming. I’ve tried to play him ambiguously so that, although he keeps saying, “Trust me,” you’re still not quite sure if you should. Even in last night’s episode, he’s saying to Olivia, “I know that you have reason not to trust me, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to.”

I think we’ll find out whether or not he’s telling her the truth in next week’s episode. We’ll find out whether or not it was corrected…. It’s going to be a very exciting episode. It’s extremely well-produced. The performances by all of the actors that I got to work with were wonderful. I had a great time doing it. I’m looking forward to seeing it on the air next Thursday.
Q: What was the final day filming on the set of “Fringe’ like for you?

Leonard Nimoy: It was very moving. I had the same experience on the last day of filming on the “Star Trek” movie about a year-and-a-half ago. This was a very moving experience. It was a night scene, a very brief scene. In fact, the last night, the last work that I did was the scene that was on last night between myself and Olivia, Anna Torv. I had mixed feelings about it. I didn’t want it to end because the experience had been such a positive one, but of course, we had to get it done.

When it was done, the entire company gathered around. There was a lot of love exchanged. I said to them, “I’ve been at this for 60 years. I have never worked with a better company.” I meant it. They do an amazing job on the “Fringe” series. It just feels really good to know that I’m saying goodbye to the work on a very positive, good note. I feel very good about the work that was done. I’m looking forward to it being on the air next Thursday.
Q: Is it hard to say goodbye to acting and directing after doing it for so long?

Leonard Nimoy: No, it’s not hard to say goodbye. I’ve had 60 years of working in films and television. I’m very grateful for all the great opportunities that I’ve had and all and the people that I’ve met.

Read all of the Crave interview Here. And also check out AICN’s coverage of the “Hero Complex Film Festival”, a genre-themed festival at which Leonard recently appeared and discussed mostly his Star Trek days, but he also touched on his time working with JJ and the rest of the Fringe crew.

And if that weren’t enough for all you die-hard Nimoy-ophiles (I know you’re out there) you can catch the man himself at an exhibition of his photography, which opens July 31st at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. If you can’t make it out go to his Web site: leonardnimoyphotography.com and click to “Secret Selves.”

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