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Video Madness: DG HAVEN The Uprising (2017)

DG Haven ‘The Uprising’ – Trailer from Sweeney Photography on Vimeo.

DG Haven’s – The Uprising Trailer Officially Released

DG Haven, the villainous pro wrestling manager has apparently gone into production on an underground propaganda film. Haven is on the roster at Tommy Dreamer’s ‘House Of Hardcore’ and various other top indy promotions including Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, Big Time Wrestling, Paradise Alley, Blitzkrieg Pro, Xtreme Wrestling Aliance and World Of Hurt. DG Haven, who is portrayed by movie producer David Gere, has crossed over his involvement in pro wrestling to his scope within the entertainment businesses with this production. Gere is a producing partner with notable director and writer Tom DeNucci at Woodhaven Media, a company known for horror titles such as ‘Inkubus’ (Robert Englund) ‘Self Storage’ (Eric Roberts) ‘Army Of The Damned’ (Tony Todd, Michael Barryman, Tommy Dreamer) ‘Almost Mercy’ (Bill Moseley, Kane Holder) and ‘Anders Manor’ (Kevin Nash, Rachel True).

HNN has the exclusive release of the trailer to ‘DG Haven: The Uprising,’ which looks to be dark, bold and uniquely cinematic. According to the film’s director Ryan Sweeney, sequences were shot at Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling featuring “Big” Jym Anderson, a wrestler Haven manages at the promotion. Additional cast includes LA actress Chelsea Vale (Mostly Ghostly, Anders Manor), wrestler Zane Bernardo, magician and actor Blaise Serra (House Rules, Pitching Tents), performance artist and actor James Cillizza, and cult personality and actor “Wild Bill” Ziegler (Pinwheel). The cinematic sequences certainly have a horror movie undertone.

Director Ryan Sweeney went on to say, “This film is a true representation of story and creative vision under the veil of pro wrestling and cinema. I believe both wrestling fans and horror fans alike will enjoy this leading-edge presentation.”

DG Haven offered HNN a brief statement, “Pro Wrestling’s glorious past, was often highlighted by prolific managers who ignited the show. There has been a decline in this realm, and I am here now to offer my presence and vision.”
David Gere has certainly proven himself in Hollywood with dozens of producting credits, acting roles and stunt credits to his name including work in the Christopher Nolan ‘Batman The Dark Knight’ franchise. He is noted for casting pro wrestlers in nearly all of his productions. Wrestlers who have appeared in Gere’s films include Kevin Nash, Tommy Dreamer, John Morrison, Matt Striker, Dolph Ziggler, Robbie E, Michael Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Velvet Sky, Thea Trinidad, El Leon Apollo, Josef Von Schmidt, Brian Fury, Ron Zombie, “Dirt Dawg” Jeremy Leary, and he has included many rising indy stars as well. Gere also had a long standing relationship with the late Ox Baker, who acted in the horror film ‘Pinwheel’ a week before he passed. As a filmmaker, Gere had already given something to pro wrestling before he ever debuted as DG Haven at “House Of Hardcore 3.” Now he is carving out a new path.

Gere has several new horror releases out including ‘The Horde’ and ‘Almost Mercy.’ Additional films soon to be released include ‘House Rules,’ Pinwheel,’ and ‘Anders Manor.’

WWE Hall Of Famer actor Kevin Nash told HNN, “David is a passionate and driven individual. I see that same fire inside of his work as DG Haven.”
We will provide an update on the film’s release. DG Haven will be appearing at “House Of Hardcore” 24 & 25 in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Director: Ryan Sweeney
Cinematography: Ryan Sweeney

David Gere as DG Haven
Chelsea Vale as CV Haven
Jim Cillizza as Painter
Bill Ziegler as Wild Bill
Blaise Serra as B Haven
Jim Parrella as Himself
Aj Bernardo as Zane

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