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3 Frightening Horror-Themed Slots

The genre of film known as horror began more than a hundred years ago, influenced by the works of such literary giants as Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelley. Horror films try to grab audiences by their fears, invoking common nightmares and often including elements of the supernatural, like unknown malicious forces intruding upon our world.

Camera angles, lighting, sound effects, music, and more are all interwoven to provide an aura of suspense or a rushing thrill depending on the scene. Horror has a place in most every medium, including movies (obviously), books like horrornews.net/books, games, and music, and has accumulated a devoted following in each of those categories.

It’s no surprise that the most popular casino game in the world, slots, has opted to dress many of its games in the theme of horror, some even boasting an actual parallel to particularly well-known films of the horror genre. If you want to play these games yourself, just go to online-casinos-canada.ca and you’ll be raking in the dough in no time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1.    A Nightmare on Elm Street (by 888 games)

Released in 1984, the supernatural horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street centers around a group of teens who are hunted in their dreams, and when killed there, they die in reality as well.

The online slot machine based off of nightmareonelmstreet.wikia.ca manages to carry the tone quite well, with constant, steady sound effects playing in the background throughout, and metallic clinking noises sounding whenever a reel settles after a spin.

When certain lineups of the reels occur, a short cutscene from the movie may play, such as the closet scene. The shrill screams are sure to put goosebumps on your arms, or even have you jump a bit in your seat.

2.    Frankenstein (by NetEnt)

This classic premiered in 1931, and was based on the famous novel by Mary Shelley, huffingtonpost.ca/news/mary-shelley-frankenstein. Boris Karloff, playing Frankenstein’s monster, delivered a historical performance, and the movie was so much a success that in 1991 the Library of Congress singled out Frankenstein to be preserved in the United States National Film Registry.

The Frankenstein slot game starts off with a chilling cutscene composed of stills from the film, and after the title screen appears in a flash of lightning, you are brought to the slots themselves. Boris Karloff’s head stares to the right from his place as a symbol marked “The Monster”, and eerie, foreboding music permeates the game. A masterful adaptation of film-to-slots if ever there was one.

3.    Jekyll and Hyde (by Microgaming)

The original adaptation of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was released in the same year as Frankenstein – 1931. Fredric March, the actor who played the titular scientist, won an Academy Award due to his masterful portrayal of the role.

The Jekyll and Hyde slots has a more colorful appearance than the others, and it meshes with the upbeat-yet-classy music playing in the background. The satisfying thunks and clanks that the reels make when settling into place have you pressing the Spin button over and over again

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