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Trailer: American Skumbags (2016)

American Scumbags is the new full length feature by Denver filmmaker Dakota Bailey. The film features three interconnected stories revolving around heroin addicted drug dealer/hitman Johnny (Dakota Bailey), sadistic psychopath convict Billy (Darrien Fawkes) & drug kingpin Chester (Fred Epstein).

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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    American Pie was a classic, unfortunately after it’s success a million other films had to start with ‘American this’, ‘American that’… Now we have ‘American Skumbags’. Cool right? Did you see what these original people did? They changed the ‘C’ in scumbags to a ‘K’. Wow. I guess that’s the level of intellect and creativity we can expect from the movie as well. Tired concept, tired name.


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