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Trailer: The Marriage (2016)

Theo is a regular guy, who is about to get married to Elsa, a woman who only cares about how great the wedding should be. She has no idea about the troubles Theo is into. One week before the wedding date, he loses his job, gets involved into a car accident and eventually gets injured while playing soccer. Soccer was always his dream and the only thing that takes him away of his everyday trouble. The coach of the amateur league’s team delivers the bad news to Theo, that he can no longer be part of the team for the rest of the season. That was a hobby and an extra income for Theo.

On top of all that, his ex-girlfriend finds out that he is getting married. She keeps calling him and sends him countless text messages. She is desperate to see him for one last time before he gets married to the other woman. Theo finally agrees to meet her. They arrange the meeting in a small cafe, where the girl starts begging him to come back to her and eventually starts crying. The moment is very embarrassing for Theo and he decides to take her back to his apartment.

Most of the furniture and his stuff are already moved, cause Theo is going to move in with his future wife. The only thing left is the bed, and that is where they end up together.

The girl wakes up in the middle of the night and prepares a sort of ritual in the empty living room with all the candles she can find and wears something that looks like a small wedding dress. Theo wakes up and finds her trying to cut her wrists and commit suicide. The situation becomes even scarier, when Theo realizes that he can no longer control himself, after all the things he is been through.

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