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2 new 1 sheets for ‘Let Me In’

from IMDB:

While the trailers and description make this movie look like a horror movie mixed with a crime drama, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact the girl is a vampire is secondary. In fact, it’s even trivial. This is a story about a young boy, who is bullied by all of those around him at school. This girl he meets becomes his only friend (prior to which he had none) and teaches him to have the courage to stand up for himself. When the time comes and he does, the situation changes and yes, she does step in and help him with his bullying “problem”. Ultimately this is a story about love and friendship between a confused young boy and a girl forever trapped in eternal youth. I highly recommend watching the original Swedish version, “Let the right one in”. It’s slow going, but it’s also very endearing. The writer of the Swedish novel and screenplay is also the writer for this American adaptation of the story.

This is a remake of the movie “Let The Right One In” which was a movie adaptation of a book. A story of a young boy who is frequently bullied and a young girl that moves in next door with her caretaker. It is established that she is a vampire and, after losing her caretaker, must leave in order to survive. A story of innocent love entangled in murder, mystery, and horror.

Source: IMPA

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  1. With the bickering of old vs new surrounding this movie, I’m getting curious. I’m inclined to watch the original before watching “Let me in”. But then again, I sometimes see horror movies for reasons other than the story, such as Halloween cos I’m a Rob Zombie fan, Christine for the Plymouth Fury, 28 Weeks Later for Rose Byrne, etc.

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